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  • Petz for P4(either bred or converted with Petz Flux)

  • If possible petz have been tree trimmed

  • In litterz -

    • (M) after a name means male

    • (F) after a name means female

    • Adopted means the pet is no longer available

  • All brexed petz have a picture of their original looks linked in their profiles​

  • Hidden markings are painted

  • If you need/want any of the extra breed files or OWs feel free to ask


  • If shown please use the appropriate prefix

  • Feel free to rename, trim files, or gender swap

  • Feel free to hex eyelids of bred petz

    • No other hexing please

  • Either return to me(my email is in their profile) or MPA if no longer wanted

    • Please don't delete

  • If you want to show the pet on PKC please check my profile for the parents. 

    • If the parents aren't registered feel free to message me to ask me to reg them

  • Special Adoption petz require at least a small why, they are MPAs or bred for special events​

  • UNLIMITED adoptions(take as many as you would like)

Prefixes(All PKC Accepted)

  • General Prefixes - I don’t have a preference for either of these, as far as I am concerned they are interchangeable. When in doubt use of these. 

    • NSP’s/Of NSP - Used for adopted out petz, adopted in petz, general go to prefix/Suffix

    • NightShade’s/Of NightShade Just another option for petz adopted from me general go to prefix/suffix

  • Specialized Prefixes -​ The prefixes are only for specific petz, if a pet can use these prefixes instead of one of my general prefixes it is listed in the profile

    • Amanti’s - Prefix for brindogs, Farm Shepherds, OB GSD Mixies, and Huskies

    • Effigia’s - prefix for favored breeds on PKC, hybridz, wildz

      • Favored breeds: Bloodhound, Boxer, Japanese Bobtail, Munchkin, Nebelung, Ocicat, Ojos Azules, Rough Collie, Singapura, and Wetterhoun​

    • Grit’z - Alley mixies, Bullies(mixies or pure), Pitbulls(including pit dalies), horses, LTPs, DG, and Lepitaurs

    • MMK - Pure bred mutts

    • Splatted - Pure bred Dalmatians 

    • Dux Interitio’s - Prefix for mixed breed catz not under another prefix

    • Viscera’s - Original Breeds not under another prefix

    • Shades - Dogz not covered under another prefix

    • Vama’s - Purebred Catz not under another prefix 

Note: A copy of the rules, including which prefix(es) can be used, will be in the petz profile

Adopt Pet(z)

Please Email the following form to petzadopt13{at}gmail{dot}com
Use the title "NSP Adoptions"
Email:(if different)
Why/Plans:(only required for special adoption petz):
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